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Hypnotic grooves, dark sounds, driving kind of basslines, funky elements, the sounds of the pure underground - This is Dr Hoffmann

Well-known for his energetic live sets, Dr. Hoffmann pushes the boundaries of every genre in Techno music. His live performances rip the places apart everywhere he goes. Techno fanatic crowds in London, Manchester, Preston and Blackpool have already witnessed his genuine passion for music and his quality underground sets that sweep across all things electronic music.

Originating from Hungary, Dr. Hoffmann has been involved in the Electronic scene since the early 1990s,
first as a visitor, and after that as an organiser. Feeling hungry for a new vibe, Techno music found him in 1998.

"I saw a black CD with white text in Underground Records in Budapest; I thought that it could be something special. It was The Audio Compilation 01 mixed by Chris Liebing. This CD changed my life.
I had never listened to such an energetic, dynamic and powerful mix such as this."


Dr Hoffmann cannot settle - he loves being at the forefront of everything. He has adopted a set up for his live performances to match his genuine style and keep up with the current technologies. His set up consists of two laptops, a mixer, two Xone 1D MIDI controllers and other noise making bits and bobs. “I really love it; it has taken my performance to the next level. You just have to listen to!”


Dr. Hoffmann hosts Blind Spot, a two-hour groundbreaking radio show that brings you the best in electronic dance music from around the globe week by week.

Each show features world famous guest artists and DJs talking exclusively to Dr. Hoffmann with a guest mix to boot, plus the latest Techno, Minimal and Tech-House releases personally selected
and mixed by Dr. Hoffmann every week.

Past guests include: Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Joseph Capriati, Cari Lekebusch, Cristian Varela, Rino Cerrone, Valentino Kanzyani, Alex Bau, Drumcell to name a few.

Blind Spot is based on 103.2 Preston FM (UK) but currently broadcasts on various frequencies worldwide and on many online radio stations in countries such as Serbia, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland... The list is growing.

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No guest this week, "only" Dr Hoffmann in the mix on Blind Spot show. The Doc is mixing things up the latest and greatest techno tunes out of his promobox! Enjoy!
01. SOJ - Born's Of The Night / SOJ
02. UZB - Long Range
03. Perkess - Departed (Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen Remix) / Blind Spot Music
04. Komprezzor - Modz (Ricardo Garduno's Drained Remix) / Reloading Records
05. Fixeer - Fahrenheit (Kyle Geiger Beat Tool Remix) / Vector Functions Records
06. Slam - Factory Music (Slam 101 Interpretation) / Soma
07. Flug - Module (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) / Ground Factory Records
08. Fixeer - Core / Assassion Soldier Recordings
09. Niereich - Normalized Frequency (Rave Mix) / Illegal Alien Records
10. Mark Broom & Gary Beck - Red / BEK Audio
11. Ryuji Takeuchi - Scattered (Michael Schwarz Remix) / Blind Spot Music
12. Stevie Wilson - Cry For Help (Sutter Cane Remix) / Organism
13. Dolby D, A.Paul - Insidious (Submerge & Ricardo Garduno Remix) / Dolma Records
14. Claudio Petroni - Waveshaping (Sven Schaller Remix) / Nightmare Factory Records
15. Peter Kneer - The Black Cloud / XLR1507
16. Kalden Bess - Broken (Factory Edit) / Ground Factory Records

The show is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast (http://syndicast.co.uk)
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Dr. Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann - Blind Spo ..

(59:22 mins)

Added on: 03.08.2015

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I have been on a break from the music since January and its definitely the time to make a mix for you. A mix that is not for the faint-hearted, a mix that takes you on journey around all things of Techno, dark, dirty, energetic just how We like it. The sounds of the pure Underground...enjoy!
01. Kapoor – Conform / 4Side
02. Exium – Rotating Frames / Polegroup
03. Echologist – Shake Well / Mord
04. Reeko – Capitulo 5 / Mental Disorder
05. Fixon – The Pain Is Gone(Audio Injection Remix) / Illegal Alien
06. Xhei – 02 / Limited G
07. The Noisemaker – Continuum
08. The Plant Worker – A11 / Limited G
09. A.Mochi – Ngin / Blue Arts Music
10. Luis Flores – Negative Pressure / Droid Records
11. Pfirter – Closer To The Truth / Mindtrip
12. Miss Sunshine – Ms001 (Flug Remix) / Kaputt
13. Exium – Subshell (Pfirter Remix) / Nheoma
14. Cochise – Radon (Mark Broom Dubplate Edit) / GND Records
15. [Wex 10] – Enreg / Abstract
16. Ryuji Takeuchi – Scattered (Michael Schwarz Remix) / Blind Spot Music
17. Nature Soul Cybertronic – Mask / Monoton:Audio
18. Michael Schwarz – She Doesn’t Ask For (Dj Emerson Remix) / Wall Music
19. Jesper Dahlback And Tony Rohr – Experience / Blank Ltd
20. Kalden Bess Feat Simon Jinadu – Drifting In The Night / Ground Factory Records

Dr. Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann - Blind Spo ..

(65:50 mins)

Added on: 05.07.2015